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Detect security threats, prove compliance and increase IT team efficiency with IT audit software from Netwrix

More and more organizations, regardless of size or industry, are recognizing the value of conducting regular internal and external IT audits. The benefits are many: IT auditing can help you improve security, pass compliance audits and optimize IT operations. But all too often, the process is far more cumbersome and time-consuming than it needs to be. Learn how Netwrix Auditor software can ease your auditing burden and help you achieve your goals with far less effort.
Minimize IT risks and proactively spot threats
Reduce the risk to your critical assets by identifying your top data and infrastructure security gaps and exposing loose permissions. Ensure timely detection and response to threats by setting up alerts with automated actions and performing faster and more accurate investigations.
Minimize IT risks and proactively spot threats
Get auditors off your back faster with compliance software from Netwrix
Slash the time required to prepare for audits by up to 85% with predefined reports mapped to common regulations and industry standards. Stop wasting hours combing through the records in your audit logs whenever you need to answer specific questions from auditors.
Get auditors off your back faster with compliance software from Netwrix
Do more with less by minimizing the firefighting
A constant stream of ad-hoc tasks, like requests to resolve user issues or create reports, can distract IT teams from their primary job: keeping systems available so users can be productive. The Netwrix audit tool helps keep track of what’s going on across your IT environment so IT teams can proactively prevent issues, and it streamlines other IT tasks, such as sending reports to stakeholders automatically.
Do more with less by minimizing the firefighting

Audit your most important IT systems from
a centralized platform

Are you tired of juggling multiple auditing and reporting tools in an attempt to collect audit information from
all your on-premises and cloud-based systems? Do you need a software solution that delivers that information
in a unified and consistent way? Netwrix Auditor provides a consolidated audit trail across a wide variety of IT
systems, including Active Directory, Windows Server, Oracle Database and network devices.

Get the information you need, when you need it, with IT audit software from Netwrix

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Mitigate weaknesses with risk assessment
Identify data and infrastructure security gaps, such as a large number of directly assigned permissions or too many inactive users, and take corrective actions to reduce your attack surface area.
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Protect your sensitive data regardless of its location
Secure your most critical assets first by pinpointing sensitive data across your IT ecosystem, regularly reviewing who has access to it, and monitoring activity around it (requires Netwrix Data Classification).
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Save time with change, access and configuration reports
Quickly get the information required by management, auditors and other stakeholders instead of struggling with scripts, log files and spreadsheets.
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Receive alerts on threat patterns
Be the first to know about suspicious activity across your environment so you can respond before you suffer data breaches and system failures or get slapped with fines for noncompliance.
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Improve detection of sophisticated threats
Spot malicious insiders and compromised accounts with a comprehensive view of all anomalous activity alerts triggered by an individual, along with the user’s associated cumulative risk score.
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Find answers with Google-like search
Locate the specific pieces of information you require in a few clicks, whether you need to get to the bottom of an incident, resolve a user issue or respond to ad-hoc questions from auditors.
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Netwrix Auditor
Review the Netwrix Auditor datasheet to find out more about how our product can help you solve many of your top IT challenges.
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Netwrix ROI Calculator
Measure the expected return of your data security investment and prove its value to your leadership team with hard data.

Read how Netwrix Auditor helps organizations overcome their security, compliance and operational challenges

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How is Netwrix Auditor licensed?
Netwrix Auditor has a subscription licensing model. Most applications are licensed per enabled AD user.
Does each Netwrix Auditor application have to be downloaded and installed separately?
No. You download and install the Netwrix IT audit software just once. To activate a given application, simply apply the license you purchased for it (or a trial license). If you want to start using an additional Netwrix Auditor application, simply add a license for it.
What if I want to extend the auditing and reporting scope to IT systems not currently supported by Netwrix Auditor?
You can enable control over other systems and have your entire audit trail available from a single place by collecting audit data from other IT systems via a RESTful API and feeding it into the Netwrix system audit software. For more information, refer to the Integration API documentation in the Netwrix Online Help Center.
Can Netwrix Auditor send the information it collects to other tools I have (SIEMs, ITSMs, etc.)?
Yes. The collected data can be sent to other security, compliance and IT automation products to enhance analytics and streamline processes. Free, ready-to-use add-ons are available for many popular applications, including SIEM solutions and the ServiceNow ITSM.
How easy is the deployment and configuration process? How soon will I start getting value?
Many customers say that they can get Netwrix Auditor up and running within a few hours, so you’ll be able to start addressing your specific external and internal audit needs in days, not months. All core functionality — like the native logging required to get the full audit trail and the audit reports tailored to common requirements — is either provided out of the box or easily configured during installation with no professional services required.
Do you use agents to collect data?
Most Netwrix Auditor applications operate in agentless mode, so they don’t degrade system performance or cause downtime. Lightweight agents are used only where the collection of audit analytics is impossible without them — specifically, for SharePoint and session monitoring — and they still don’t hamper system functions. Plus, Netwrix doesn’t use any undocumented methods to collect data, since such methods can result in denial of support from Microsoft or other vendors.
Can SQL Server Express Edition be used in Netwrix Auditor deployments? 
SQL Server Standard or Enterprise edition is recommended for all Netwrix Auditor deployments. Visit this page to learn more about deployment requirements.
Is Netwrix Auditor secure?

Netwrix Auditor applications have undergone rigorous security testing during the development cycle and have earned Veracode Verified Standard status. This confirms that the software meets a very high standard of application security, reducing risk for organizations that deploy it.