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We care about security of your data.
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Netwrix data classification for
Bring to light the information stored on your Dell EMC storages
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We care about security of your data.
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Identify and classify data with EMC data classification software

Are the ever-growing volumes of data generated by users stressing you out? Netwrix Data Classification makes the stress vanish by taking the data stored on your Dell EMC storage devices under control and solving a wide range of data-related issues. Here’s how.
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Boost efficiency with automated classification
Instead of having to constantly remind users to label each file they create, automatically classify the data that matters to your business. Avoid the inconsistencies inherent in manual classification once and for all.
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Get accurate classification results with semantic analysis
Reduce the number of false positives and get more relevant content classification results using compound term processing and statistical analysis along with regular expressions and keyword matching.
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Categorize data with predefined rules at one stroke
Kick off the classification process with ready-to-use sets of file classification rules for the most common types of regulated data, including PII and PHI.
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Simplify taxonomy management
Empower employees to create and modify taxonomies in a simple, intuitive interface. Eliminate the need to purchase professional services whenever taxonomies need to be added or updated.
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Improve the precision of other solutions with data tagging
Embed classification tags right into the files for use by data loss prevention, information rights management, records management and other data governance tools.
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Set up a remediation process to reduce data exposure
Improve data security by automatically removing excessive data access rights, moving exposed files to safe folders and redacting confidential content from files.

Enhance data security and unleash the true value of your data

Uncontrollable data growth has become a pain in the neck for small businesses and enterprises alike. Can you ensure that users don’t put sensitive or mission-critical files on public shares? Do constant calls for help locating documents keep you from focusing on more important tasks? Do compliance audits and legal requests fill you with dread? Stop putting up with it. Let Netwrix Data Classification soothe your pain.
Reduce data exposure with data remediation workflows
Identify files with financial, medical or other sensitive data that are stored outside of secure locations and move them to a secure quarantine area until you are ready to make informed decisions about what to do with them. Revoke excessive permissions to critical data from groups like “Everyone” so you can mitigate the risk of data breaches.
Organize your data to improve decision making and employee efficiency
Eliminate clutter and maintain a logical and manageable folder structure to enable employees to find the content they need for more effective knowledge sharing and collaboration. Help them analyze only truly valuable and reliable data so they can make better, more informed business decisions.
Find and safely clean up unneeded data to reduce storage costs
Stop cluttering up your limited data storages with redundant, obsolete or trivial files that could be safely deleted or archived. Slash data management and storage costs and make painful budget approvals less frequent.
Respond to legal requests without disrupting your day
Quickly find all information related to litigation and put it on hold to avoid a prolonged litigation process. Maintain your organization’s positive reputation during legal actions by ensuring that no file that has lost its business value comes up at the wrong moment.
Meet privacy and compliance requirements with less effort and expense
Discover data protected by GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and other compliance standards and enforce retention policies based on each data type. Satisfy requests from data subjects by identifying personal information related to a particular individual across all your storage devices.
Find out how Netwrix Data Classification can help you solve your most critical data security, content optimization and compliance needs, regardless of where your data is located.