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Netwrix Auditor
Identify IT risks, detect suspicious activity, and investigate security incidents
Netwrix Change Tracker
Ensure your IT systems remain in a secure state at all times
Netwrix Data Classification
Discover and classify sensitive, regulated and mission-critical information
Netwrix SbPAM
Secure privileged activity with just-in-time access
Netwrix Password Reset
Secure your accounts with self-service password management
Netwrix StealthAUDIT
Identify and reduce your risks around sensitive data
Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer
Enhance security with strong password policies
Netwrix StealthDEFEND
Detect advanced attacks in real time
Netwrix StealthINTERCEPT
Prevent malicious changes and access
Netwrix StealthRECOVER
Roll back undesired changes and deletions in Active Directory
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The price and performance of Netwrix are both exceptional when compared to other products and it was easy to deploy and manage. Highly recommend them.
IT Director, Services Industry
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
With the Netwrix Data Security Platform, you can choose where to start your security journey. Simply choose the set of applications that cover your current needs, and easily add or remove applications over time as your requirements change.
How are Netwrix solutions licensed?
Netwrix solutions are licensed by application using a subscription licensing model. Most applications are licensed per enabled AD user or per employee.
Do you have special pricing for public sector organizations?
Yes. Special pricing is available for government, education and nonprofit customers.
Is there managed service provider (MSP) pricing?
We have a special program for MSPs. For more details, please visit our MSP page.