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We care about security of your data.
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Netwrix data classification for
Reveal what's hiding in the files stored on your NetApp filers
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We care about security of your data.
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Discover and categorize your content with NetApp data classification software

Users generate more and more information, creating a massive data avalanche that buries you in work. Break free by establishing control over the content stored on your NetApp filers and revealing its true value with Netwrix Data Classification.
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Improve productivity with automated data classification
Identify and classify the information that matters most to your organization — automatically and consistently. Avoid spending hours remediating the incorrect data classifications inevitable with manual methods.
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Get accurate classification results with statistical analysis
Reduce the number of false positives and get more relevant results than are possible with just keyword matching and regular expressions by unleashing the power of compound term processing and statistical analysis.
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Accelerate data classification with predefined rules
Get immediate value with predefined classification rules for data protected by GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulations. Strengthen security controls around this content to get auditors off your back.
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Make taxonomy management easy
Take advantage of a simple, intuitive interface that streamlines taxonomy creation and modification. Eliminate the need to purchase professional services whenever you need to develop or update taxonomies.
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Increase the precision of data tagging
Automatically embed classification tags into each file to improve the effectiveness of your data loss prevention, information rights management, records management and other tools.
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Automate remediation processes
Save time and enhance data security by setting up workflows that automatically remove excessive access rights from files, move exposed documents to safe locations or redact confidential content from files.

Extract the full value from your data and improve data security

Your organization stores tons of data on your NetApp file servers. Would knowing which files contain sensitive data help you prevent data breaches? Are users constantly asking you to find specific documents, interrupting your more strategic work? Do compliance audits and legal requests keep you at work late? Netwrix Data Classification has your back.
Automatically reduce the exposure of sensitive and mission-critical files
Find all files containing regulated data, intellectual property and other sensitive content that are stored in unsecure locations and migrate them to a quarantine area before a security incident occurs or compliance auditors issue a fine. Identify critical data accessible by large groups of users and automatically revoke their permissions to minimize the risk of a data breach or compliance violation.
Improve decision making and employee efficiency with a clear folder structure
Maintain a logical folder structure and eliminate clutter so knowledge workers can quickly find the content they need for more effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. Make sure they use only valuable and reliable information so they can make more informed business decisions that drive your organization forward.
Get rid of unneeded files to reduce data management and storage costs
Locate all redundant, obsolete or trivial files on your NetApp file servers so you can safely delete or archive this information. Slash expenses on data management and storage to make painful budget approvals less frequent.
Respond to legal requests without disrupting your daily routine
Identify all records related to an eDiscovery or litigation request in a few clicks so you can put them on hold to avoid prolonged litigation processes and minimize disruptions of your working day. Ensure that no old versions of contracts or marketing strategy come up at the wrong moment and damage your company’s reputation.
Meet privacy and compliance requirements with less effort and expense
Discover all files across your NetApp storages that fall under GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and other regulatory standards so you can enforce appropriate retention policies. Satisfy requests from data subjects by identifying personal information related to a particular individual across all your storage devices.
Find out how Netwrix Data Classification can help you solve your most critical information security, content optimization and compliance needs, regardless of where your data is located.